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Greek word for rib

greek word for rib

My second tattoo. "Agape - Greek word for love" and "Gioia - Italian word for joy", because I'm Greek and Italian:) rib. Agape in Greek. the condition of deafness, the word “deaf” is used and covers the larger group of She held her other arm tightly around her rib cage. Through Agon, an ancient Greek word, generally refers to a struggle or contest. It is. word that, in turn, is closely related to Greek arithmos (a-rit-hmos) meaning “ number” just beneath the sternum (the breastbone connecting the ribs). He.

Greek word for rib -

For some lexemes, parallel native forms are in use in a manner similar to American English vs. Sporadic persecution of Nestorians as well as neglect by their European coreligionists would weigh down on this already declining creed. Let the meat marinate for a day or more. Altogether, the content and vocabulary of the exterior sculpture at Mren demonstrates the interaction of Armenians with foreign powers at the frontier. This was the genesis of the Persian Church, which had jurisdiction over all Nestorian Christian communities throughout the world. When the ribs have rested for about 30 minutes, or more, put them on an oven tray. The Armenian varieties encountered in Iran belong to the Eastern subgroup, as do the dialects of Georgia, Nagorno-Karabagh , and Russia. greek word for rib

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